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The World's #1 🏆 Speed Cube SUPERSTORE! 🚀 1,000+ Puzzles 🌎 100k Happy Customers ⭐
The World's #1 🏆 Speed Cube SUPERSTORE! 🚀 1,000+ Puzzles 🌎 100k Happy Customers ⭐

An Update from DailyPuzzles regarding the new South Australia Lockdown.

As many of you may already know, as of Wednesday afternoon the local government in South Australia have announced a new lockdown to try and stop the spread of COVID-19. The current duration of the lockdown is 6 days, starting from Midnight tonight (12:00AM 19/11:2020). At this stage, this will not affect DailyPuzzle's operations and business is as usual for the moment and we will still be shipping out orders as per usual.


Things you should know:
- All of our staff are safe and healthy. Most of us will be working from home.

- Additional cleaning and social distancing measures have immediately been implemented in our offices and warehouse.

- We are still shipping orders 5 days a week between Monday to Friday.

- Shipping times are expected to be roughly the same during the new lockdown. We may take a little bit longer to dispatch some orders with new safety measures.

- We really do appreciate your kindness, patience and support of our business during this time, it means the world to us.


At this stage, the new outbreak is fairly small in SA and the new lockdown is mainly being used as a preventative measure to get in early and to stop the spread. We support the government in their difficult decision to get out in front of this issue early in hopes of trying to fix it as fast as possible. Everyone in SA has some challenging days ahead, but the best thing we can do is show kindness to each other and follow the safety guidelines.

Please see the link below for the latest information on the new lockdown in SA:


With appreciation 

DailyPuzzles CEO

Billy Pippan