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Speed Cube (Rubik's Cube) SUPERSTORE! 🚀 100k+ Happy Customers 🌟 ~24 hour dispatch ✅ Worldwide Shipping 🌏
Speed Cube (Rubik's Cube) SUPERSTORE! 🚀 100k+ Happy Customers 🌟 ~24 hour dispatch! ✅ Worldwide Shipping! 🌏

COVID Update 20/07/2021 - DailyPuzzles

To our loyal customers,


We are still shipping orders. Australia Post shipping will be slower than typical as the COVID situation in Australia has sadly gotten worse. There will be less workers per sorting and delivery center. On top of this, with more states in lockdown there will be a higher amount of parcels per day. Less workers, more restrictions and more parcels to deliver will mean slower delivery times for every online store,


How much slower will delivery be?
It is hard to say for certain, but from past lockdowns you can expect a delay of 1-5 business days. Unfortunately this is out of our control and all retailers are in the same boat.


As per usual, we have extremely strict hygiene and sanitation polices at DailyPuzzles and we are taking all precautions to ensure a safe shopping experience. 

We kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this difficult time, The health and safety of everyone always has to come first.

Stay safe and take care of yourself and your family.

DailyPuzzles CEO

Billy P.