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The World's #1 🏆 Speed Cube SUPERSTORE! 🚀 1,000+ Puzzles 🌎 100k Happy Customers ⭐
The World's #1 🏆 Speed Cube SUPERSTORE! 🚀 1,000+ Puzzles 🌎 100k Happy Customers ⭐

Delivery Update from DailyPuzzles


Domestic Delivery Update 26/05/2020 -
For orders inside Australia, we are seeing the speed of delivery improve significantly the past two weeks and many parcels are going though at a normal delivery speed. We can't guarantee Australia Post will deliver your order on time, but we are seeing the majority of parcels resume to normal transit time frames.

International Delivery Update 26/05/2020 - 

Australia Post is currently prioritizing Express for international mail. We HIGHLY recommend ordering with Express postage as these parcels are taking priority with the courier. Many Standard parcel which are typically sent by Air, are now being sent via Sea Mail which can take anywhere from 20-60 business days. Please check the link below to see how long the shipping will take to your country.

International Delivery Update 9/05/2020
Australia Post has now formally updated their estimated delivery time frame for International shipments. While we have still been seeing orders arrive within the regular time frames, it is best to take these updated time frames under advisement before placing your order

Domestic Delivery Update 9/05/2020 -


We are pleased to report that we are still dispatching orders on time and there is no delay from our warehouse. However, we have seen delays from the postage carrier which vary heavily on the day a order is posted, the facility it goes through aswell as the buyers location.

While many customers are still receiving their orders on time, some are seeing delays by a few days and others a few weeks- it varies heavily on location and we recommend following Australia Posts guide which can be found below. As much as we would love to offer a solution, right now there isn't much we can do to assist with delays as they are unpredictable and not something we can control. We do recommend ordering with the fastest service possible if you'd like to receive your order as soon as possible.

Order Cancellation:

Please understand that while an order is in transit, we cannot offer a refund unless the parcel is returned to our warehouse first or deemed lost in transit by Australia Post. If the order is deemed lost in transit or returned to us, we can send a refund or replacement at your request.

If you'd like to receive a refund, your parcel will have to be returned to our warehouse first or deemed lost in transit by the courier. At the very longest, this process can take up to 90 days. But if a parcel is lost, it's usually dealt with by the postage company in a few weeks. We cannot issue a refund while a parcel is still in transit. By purchasing from us you agree to these terms.

If you have any further questions feel free to send us an email at